Exhaust manifold

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Manufacturer:101 Octane

Manufacturer Nr:26805

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Exhaust manifold

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This manifold is a racing part without HOMOLOGATION. Many scooters such as the Explorer Race GT 50 ATU , as well as some Keeway, Generic and Sachs models are supplied with a highly restricted exhaust manifold. After installation of the Tuning manifold (Test Roller Race GT 50) in its original condition reached the scooter with Vario choke a speed of 63 km / h; after removing the restrictor in the variator the final speed increased to 72 km / h The connection for the secondary air system is completely eliminated and the power reserve is free. The connection hose from the secondary air system must be sealed after installation of the manifold. We also recommend a screw as a plug or hose simply fold over and secure with a cable tie. The carburettor main jet must not be adjusted. If you want it quite optimal, can replace the roller weights against something lighter; Here we recommend a set of 5.8g variator rollers in the dimensions 15x12mm. Supplied with manifold gasket and exhaust gasket.

Manufacturer Nr.: 101 Octane 26805

EAN: 4250362497765