Two-stroke inlet control via membrane

membranes are used exclusively in the two-stroke engine. With this membrane tongues , the suction path is sealed to the outside so that the previously aspirated mixture can be precompressed and flushed into the combustion chamber. Leaky and broken membranes are a common cause of poor or no longer starting engines, especially for 50cc scooters. Diaphragms are wearing parts and must be changed at regular intervals. Some (often Italian) manufacturers install as standard membrane leaves made of steel. While they last longer than their counterparts made of carbon or plastic but break and are sucked into the combustion chamber, often a major engine damage is the result. For safety reasons we therefore recommend the use of carbon membranes, especially for scooter racing or tuned scooter engines.For almost all scooter models of the major manufacturers such as Yamaha Aprilia Peugeot Vespa Piaggio Malaguti but also for China scooters like Explorer Baotian Rex Sym Keeway Kymco ,  Pegasus , PGO we have both replacement membranes in Standard version or tuning membranes made of carbon.

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Athena S410510012003 38X45X5.3MM

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Manufacturer: Athena

Manufacturer Nr: S410510012003

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Athena S410210012002 31.5X40X4MM

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Manufacturer Nr: S410210012002

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Athena S410210012008 35X43X4MM

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Athena S410250012007 32X42X3MM

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Naraku NK400.19 NARAKU

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101 Octane 26805

Product No.: BTS-783.00.03

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LeoVince 80013 EDELSTAHL

Product No.: BTS-782.09.42

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RMS 100540010

Product No.: BTS-734.25.99

EAN: 1005400100001

Manufacturer: RMS

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exhaust gasket - flat - strengthened version - inner 32 mm innen
Anr.: BTS-14601114

Product No.: 14601114

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Manufacturer: Geiwiz

Manufacturer Nr: 14601114

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44,0 x 37,5 x 3,5 (Außen/Innen/Höhe) manifold gasket Alu/copper (OEM 4FM-14613-00)
Anr.: BTS-88972029

Product No.: 88972029

EAN: 4052752034327

Manufacturer: Geiwiz

Manufacturer Nr: 88972029

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exhaust connection gasket45x50x35
Anr.: BTS-2400043

Product No.: 2400043

EAN: 4052752130081

Manufacturer: Geiwiz

Manufacturer Nr: 2400043

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exhaust connection gasket 49x55x30
Anr.: BTS-2400000

Product No.: 2400000

EAN: 4052752129658

Manufacturer: Geiwiz

Manufacturer Nr: 2400000

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